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Summer Term

Summer Term

Our final term of the year is going to be as busy as ever with lots of exciting learning taking place both inside and outside the classroom!  As always, Year 5 Homework will be handed out on Friday and expected back in before the following Friday. The children will recieve two pieces of homework a week, one English and one Maths. The homework will always be consolidating what the children have learnt during their lessons that week. In addition to homework, spelling lists will be handed out on a Monday. These need to be learnt at home on a daily basis ready for a test the following Monday.

In Year 5, we encourage the children to become free readers. We have a wide selection of books in the classroom which the children can choose from and take home. They are responsible for bringing their books into school and changing them when necessary. Please could you encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes per day.

We do ask you to provide your child with a water bottle which they can fill in school especially with the warmer weather this term. The water bottles must go home each day to be washed thoroughly. Please provide your child with hats and sunglasses if the weather is hot and sunny and apply sunscreen before school.


Religious Education

This term our units of work will look at: Life in the risen Lord & People of other faiths.


Summer 1- 'The paperbag Prince ' by Colin Thompson. Key features of writing information/ persuasive texts with the end focus of writing a hybrid text on pollution by land-fill.

Sring 2- 'The Hunter' by Paul Geraghty. Key features of story writing, with the end focus of writing being a journey story that is set in a different culture 



The key focus this term will be:

Multiplication/Division: Re-visiting formal written methods

Statistics: Line graphs, Timetables

Geometry: 3D Shapes from 2D representations; Regular/ Irregular polygons; Angles - acute, obtuse, reflex; draw and measure given angles in; calculate missing angles in degrees; co-ordinates; translation and reflection; investigation work to consolidate learning.



Foundation Subjects

Science- Our first science topic is 'Living things and their habitats'. Our second topic is 'Animals including humans'.

History: We will study a Non- European Society; The Early Islamic Civilisation

Geography: Human Geography - region of the UK study - Liverpool

Computing- Creating media - vector drawings; Programming - selection in quizzes

Music- Words, meaning and expression, Identifying important musical elements

Art/D&T- Making healthy food - seaonality; Textiles.

PE- Spring 1: Cricket/ Tennis. Spring 2: Athletics/ Rounders

French: Holidays and hobbies

RHE: Created to Live in Community explores the individual’s relationship with the wider world. Here we explore how human beings are relational by nature and are called to love others in the wider community through service, through dialogue and through working for the Common Good. In Life to the Full Plus, learning on money and careers is concluded, using previous learning from the module to understand God’s call to live generously.

‘Fully valuing everyone
in the love of Jesus.
Caring and Learning together.’

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