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St. Theresa’s school is situated in Blacon and is part of St. Theresa’s Parish in the Diocese of Shrewsbury.
St. Theresa’s Infant School and Mount Carmel Junior School were amalgamated in September 1991. On December 3rd 1993 the Infants and Nursery moved from Blacon Point Road to Kipling Road. In October 1999 the library was extended to cater for the new ICT suite installed in November 2004. A new extension was built in 2005 comprising of a new staffroom, quiet room, disabled toilet, teachers resource room and photocopier room.
As a Catholic School we provide spiritual and moral support and guidance according to the teaching of the Catholic Church. We are concerned with developing the whole child, to enable him/her to reach his/her potential, by providing many varied experiences. We want our children to develop fully and be able to make a positive contribution to society with the understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment.  We encourage a sense of community and nurture the individuals developing self-esteem and self-confidence. We value each child and the gifts that each brings to our school.
This prospectus has been designed to provide you with practical information about our school and what we strive to achieve. Our education is based on the teaching of Christ, which stresses the qualities of faith, love, understanding and self-discipline. We foster in the children a sense of respect for themselves and for others. Together we can enable your child to reach their full potential in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

Pastoral Care and Discipline

A happy, family atmosphere is encouraged in which the children learn to show respect to one another, towards all members of staff and to all visitors to the school. Equally they are expected to treat everything they use with care.
Good work and good behaviour are emphasised. We have a policy of Positive Discipline aimed at encouraging, recognising and rewarding good behaviour, whilst providing alternatives and consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Rewards and consequences are agreed. These are different in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 departments. 
There is a code of conduct, the basis of which the children have devised. This is central to the ethos of the school and forms part of the Behaviour Policy. The children are given many opportunities to accept responsibility and contribute to the life and work of the school.
Good work and good behaviour are emphasised. Parents are informed if a child’s behaviour causes concern. The positive side of discipline is stressed in an atmosphere of co-operation between children, teachers and parents. When children have behaved inappropriately or not completed homework they are given a detention.
Our Behaviour and Discipline Policy aims to help the children to become responsible for their own behaviour and to improve it.  Good links between home and school are essential for the development and welfare of each child. In a Primary School the first responsibility for pastoral care is with the class teacher, because s/he knows the pupils well. If a child is having personal difficulties the teacher will try to help the child to find a solution. More serious problems may involve the guidance of the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher. We will always share matters of concern with you in line with current guidelines. 

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‘Fully valuing everyone
in the love of Jesus.
Caring and Learning together.’

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